Magnolia Rhapsody | DJ Gumbeaux | Greater Seattle area DJ and turntablist with over 15 years of experience

DJ Gumbeaux

DJ Gumbeaux is a DJ and turntablist with over 15 years of experience. His love for music started early on in his hometown of Houma, Louisiana. He began as a scratch artist and quickly established himself as a contender in the area through DJ battles and competitions. He has a degree in Audio Engineering from Shoreline Community College. With Magnolia Rhapsody, he’s spins seamless and unique mixes for our clients. When he’s not spending time navigating family life, he’s creating his own original music or collecting Transformers action figures.

Magnolia Rhapsody | Cho | Magnolia Rhapsody's DJ Wrangler | Special Events


Cho is what you might call Magnolia Rhapsody’s DJ Wrangler. She first immersed herself into the world of special events when she started a small event planning company with her friends. She transitioned over to the music planning world after her own marriage to DJ Gumbeaux himself. She has a degree in English from Evergreen State College (Go Geoducks!) and in her free time, she likes to spend time with her family and play JRPG’s. 

Magnolia Rhapsody | DJ Able Fader | Greater Seattle area DJ and turntablist with over 20 years of experience

DJ Able Fader

DJ Able Fader is a DJ and turntablist with over 20 years of experience. He’s been creating art within hip hop culture since 1987 and DJing since 1994. He is the founding resident of (((THE JAM))), a popular hip hop club night open on second Fridays at Vermillion on Seattle’s Capitol Hill. He also founded HOME SLICE, a monthly showcase of local NW Hip Hop talent at Seattle’s historic venue, The Crocodile. When’s he’s not party rocking events for Magnolia Rhapsody, he’s collaborating and creating new music with some of Seattle’s hottest artists.