What are your rates?

Our rates start at $2000.  We always like to have some pertinent details before giving you a quote but if you fill out our Contact form, we will always respond with a customized quote.

We are into (insert random music genre here) but don't know how that will play at our awesome dance party, can you help?

Always.  You have our encyclopedic musical knowledge at your disposal and our passion for party rocking to build an amazing dance party.  We know how to program your guests with your music so that everyone has a fantastic time.

Can we see you DJ first?

Naturally, we can't invite people to see us DJ at our weddings and private events however we do DJ public events, such as break battles, open houses and industry events.  You can always catch our schedule on our Facebook page, we can also provide references or you can read them on Yelp or WeddingWire!